Players having a great time

Parties looking to have a private space and food, we got you covered!

Perfect for any kind of party, we will set aside a space for you & your group and provide pizza depending on your party size. Our rates for Airsoft, Paintball and Lasertag can be found their individual pages.

rates & prices:

$20.00 / Hour Private Party Area Only

Pizza Parties include a Private Party Area for first hour and is an extra $10.00 for every additional half hour.

Pizza Party for Groups of 10 or less $45.00

Includes 2 XL Pizzas (1 Cheese, 1 Pepperoni)

Pizza Party for Groups of 11-15 $60.00

Includes 3 XL Pizzas (1 Cheese, 1 Pepperoni and 1 Choice of Topping)

Pizza Party for Groups of 16-20 $75.00

Includes 4 XL Pizzas (1 Cheese, 1 Pepperoni and 2 Choice of Topping)

Contact us for rates on larger pizza parties.

Pizza Topping Choices:

black olives, broccoli, eggplant, garlic, green peppers, ham, hamburg, hot peppers, linguica, mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, pineapple, roasted peppers, salami, sausage, sliced meatball, spinach, tomatoes, sliced jalapenos, pickles